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University of Oregon faculty, staff and students are welcome to request training in equipment available at the TSA Labs. 


Training times vary depending on basic (fundamental operations) to advanced (R&D) training. Training times range from an hour to several hours depending on equipment. Once basic training is completed, a user may book the equipment for use. 




This training includes the following: 

  • Overview of the equipment capabilities. 

  • Equipment pre-setup. 

  • Fabrication: Stock material, tool calibration, vacuum setup, etc.

  • 3D-Printing: Loading platform, adding support structures to CAD, print analysis, etc. 

  • Protocol for safe machine operations. 

  • Basic post-processing training. 

  • Fabrication: Part removal, cleaning procedure, etc. 

  • 3D-Printing: Support removal, finishing techniques, etc. 




The advanced training enables the user to use the equipment for use beyond typical operations. Examples of advanced training include: 

  • All training items present in Fundamental Operations Training. 

  • Details of machine components, hardware and common troubleshooting. 

  • Explanation and effects of various parameters related to the machine. 

  • Access to after-hours lab use .


Training starts at $75/hr and training time may vary depending on the type of training and equipment. 


Once trained, users are only charged for machine use and consumables. Self-use rates start at $35/hr for

Fabrication equipment and $18.75/hr for 3D-Printing contingent on the machine.