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Additive Manufacturing

DMG Mori_edited.jpg


Metal Printer

Process: Direct Laser Melting

Material: Copper and Titanium

Platform Size: 300 x 300 x 300 mm

Accuracy: 25μm - 100μm

DragonFly 2020 Pro_edited.jpg


PCB Printer

Process: Piezo drop on demand ink-jet

Material: Silver Nano ink

Platform Size:  160 x 160 x 3 mm

Accuracy: 75 μm traces / 100 μm spacing


Markforged X7

Composites Printer

Process:  Fused Fabrication Modeling

Material: Composite Thermoplastics

Platform Size: 330 x 270 x 200 mm

Accuracy: 50 μm - 250 μm


Formlabs Form-3

Polymer printer

Process: Stereolithography

Material: Resin

Platform Size: 145 x 145 x 185 mm

Accuracy: 25 μm


Nanoscribe GT2

Polymer printer

Process:  Two-Photon Polymerization

Material: IP Resin

Platform Size: 100 x 100 x 8 mm

Accuracy: 0.1 – 5.0 µm


Formlabs Fuse 1

Polymer printer

Process:  Selective Laser Sintering

Material: Thermoplastic Nylon

Platform Size: 165 x 165 x 300 mm

Accuracy: 110 μm


Datron M8 Cube.jpeg

Datron M8 Cube

CNC Bed Mill

Process:  High-Speed Milling

Specialty: 60,000 RPM Spindle

Work Area: 40” x 32” X, Y travel

Accuracy: 10 μm positional accuracy

Datron Neo_edited.jpg

Datron NEO

CNC Bed Mill

Process:  High-Speed Milling

Specialty: 40,000 RPM Spindle

Work Area: 19.5″ x 15.5″ X, Y travel

Accuracy: 10 μm positional accuracy


Coherent ExactCut 430

Laser Cutting

Process:  Multi-axis laser cutting

Specialty: 150 W Laser

Work Area: 400 x 500 mm  X, Y travel

Accuracy: +/- 2 μm positional accuracy

lpkf protomat D104.jpeg

LPKF ProtoMat D104

Laser Cutting

Process: Spindle and laser milling

Specialty: 100,000 RPM Spindle

Work Area: 305 x 229 x 10 mm

Accuracy: 50 μm space trace

Kern Microvario.jpeg

Kern Micro Vario

Precision Mill

Process:  5 Axis Milling

Specialty: 210 tools and 60 workpieces

Work Area: 350 mm (ø) x  200 mm

Accuracy: +/- 1 μm positional accuracy


Flow Mach 200

Water Jet Cutter

Process: 5 Axis Water Jet Cutting

Specialty: 60,000 psi Linear Intensifier Pump

Work Area: 1981 x 3048 x 304 mm

Accuracy: +/- 100 μm Linear Straightness


AgieCharmilles Cut 1000

Electrical Discharge Machining

Process: Electric Discharge Machining

Specialty: Sub-Micron resolution

Work Area: 220 x 160 x 100 mm Travel

Accuracy: 20 μm min wire capability

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 4.22.08 PM.png

Laser Welder

Precision Micro Welding

Process: Laser micro-welding

Specialty: 80J peak power

Work Area: 305 x 229 x 10 mm

Accuracy: 100 μm minimum weld bead

hAAS TL 1_edited.jpg

Haas TL 1

CNC Toolroom Lathe

Process: Computerized Numerical Control

Specialty: 1800 RPM Spindle

Work Area: 406 x 762 mm

Accuracy: 10 μm positional accuracy

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